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Window cleaning robot

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Window Cleaner Robot Vacuum Cleaner Laser & Pressure Sensor Antifall Auto Glass Mop Home Floor Windows Wall Cleaning Robot

  • Artificial intelligence window cleaning robot, precise planning of intelligent trajectory, artificial intelligence detection route, nut-shaped square short line, prevent power interruption caused by falling plug
  • 3 modes can be switched freely, 6 measures can ensure safer cleaning of windows on high floors, 6kg safe load-bearing is not easy to fall, 3000pa vacuum adsorption
  • Automatically return to the starting point after cleaning the window, arrange these points intelligently, and will not repeat cleaning, and can clean a square meter of glass within 2 minutes.
  • One-key start, the main control chip does not run automatically, but also supports remote operation, active noise reduction system, and uses advanced brushless motor active noise reduction technology to optimize the air duct
  • Power-off endurance protection system, 20 minutes after an unexpected power outage, the emergency endurance capability is activated, and an alarm is issued to effectively avoid accidents.
  • Strictly choose fine fiber wipes. Fine fiber wipes have de-layer and water absorption properties. Multi-layer materials wipe off the gray layer on the surface while dragging the water stains in the solution
  • Model: XC001
  • Power: 80W
  • Operation mode: automatic/remote control
  • Maximum suction power: 6kg
  • Cable length: 5.5m
  • Size: 25 * 25 * 9.5cm
  • Net weight: 3kg