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Virtual laser keyboard

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LEING FST Virtual Laser Keyboard Bluetooth Wireless Projector Phone Keyboard For Computer Iphone Pad Laptop With Mouse Function

  • This product needs to be placed on a flat, clean, opaque, non-reflective interface.
  • There is no obstacle within 5 cm of the circumference of the host computer and the projection keyboard.
  • It will affect the clarity under high brightness and the sun or strong light.
  • Most Bluetooth-enabled devices can be used, regardless of model, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops!
  • This product supports: Android system, Apple IOS system, Windows system, MAC OS system, Windows Phone system
  • Laser projection keyboard This is the Bluetooth name of the device
  • Keyboard name: KB630-M1
  • Keyboard weight: 125g
  • Keyboard size: 9cm * 4.5cm * 5cm
  • Projection size: 10cm * 25cm
  • Connection method: USB cable, Bluetooth (imported Bluetooth chip)
  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh(MAX)@3.7V
  • Life time: 6 hours
  • Main functions: stand function, charging treasure function, USB cable
  • Direct connection to a computer, keyboard function, mouse function
  • Keyboard name: KB560S
  • Keyboard weight: 60g
  • Keyboard size: 7.8cm * 4cm * 1.9cm
  • Projection size: 10cm * 24cm
  • Connection method: Bluetooth (if there is no Bluetooth, a Bluetooth adapter is required)
  • Battery capacity: 700mAh(MAX)@3.7V
  • Life time: 120 minutes
  • Main functions: keyboard function, mouse function

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