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Universal mobile phone speaker dust-proof net

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Universal Cell Phone Speaker Dustproof Net For IPhone 11/12 Huawei Xiaomi Phone Anti-Dust Mesh Stickers Earphone Hole Protector


  • Solve the problem of dust accumulation
  • Long-term use of the mobile phone will cause a large amount of dust to enter the volume hole, which is difficult to clean and affects the normal use of the mobile phone. Use mobile phone dust-proof mesh stickers to eliminate the dust on the bell mouth and keep away the trouble of dust accumulation.


  • Choose short styles in 1-6 holes
  • The width of the short version of the dustproof sticker is 4.2MM (dustproof and waterproof)
  • Choose the long section with 7-8 holes
  • The size and width of the long dustproof sticker is 4.6MM (can be cut at will)
packing list
  • 10 short dustproof stickers
  • or
  • 10 long dustproof stickers
  • or
  • 10 long + 14 short dustproof stickers

Use tutorial

  • Use alcohol to clean around the phone speaker
  • Remove the dust-proof net and remove the yellow paper!
  • Aim at a row of speakers, paste and press tightly.
  • Wear the phone case to make it more beautiful and firmer! Be careful not to scratch off the dust screen when wearing it. I just posted and it hasn't been cured yet!