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Smart switch button

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Hot Sale Smart Bluetooth Finger Robot Switch Fingerbot Button Pusher Smart Lifes APP Control Button Pushing Device


1. APP/Timer Control: You can control this button-pushing device in a wireless way. You can also configure this device to turn all functions on and off according to your own schedule. For example, use it to turn on the coffee machine before getting up.
2. Easy to Operate: Using a wireless gateway (only 2.4GHz WiFi is supported), you can remotely control this button-pushing device anytime and anywhere, and enable voice control. It is suitable for devices for Alexa, for Assistant, and for Siri. This is a perfect home assistant. (The gateway needs to be purchased separately)
3. Easy to Install: This button-pushing device can be used with almost any rocker switch and button on any device. Place it directly next to the rocker switch or button with a sticker. No tools required, easy to operate.
4. Built-in Replaceable Battery: Built-in 3V CR123A battery, the battery is designed to last half a year, long battery life, when the battery is dead, you can open the back cover and easily replace it.
5. Tool Kit: The tool kit includes mechanical arms of various lengths and shapes. This device can change its finger type to be perfect for many scenarios.
Material: ABS
Communication protocol: BLE 4.2
System support: for iOS 11 and above, for 9.0 and above
Stall torque: 2.0kaqf cm
Working temperature: -10-+45℃
Maximum arm movement: about 12mm/0.47inch
Wireless protocol: Bluetooth low energy 4.2
Battery type: 3V CR123A
Use control APP for Adaprox: Yes
Life App: Yes
Product size: about 34.5*34.5*34.5mm/1.36*1.36*1.36inch
Use of other accessories: Use it to control different types of buttons. It is equipped with arms of different lengths and shapes.


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