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Refrigerator storage box

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BPA-free refrigerator storage box with lid thickened kitchen refrigerator food container food storage compartment freezer organization


  • Silicone sealing strips on all sides are completely sealed with buckle locks on all sides, and air outlets are included to prevent excessive pressure.

  • Built-in partitions are convenient for storage after cleaning and prevent soaking and rot.

  • The preferred raw material is food-grade PET plastic.

  • Innovative timing preservation sets an alarm clock for ingredients!

  • There is a silica gel strip at the bottom to increase friction, safe and noise-free.


  • Product name: kitchen refrigerator food storage container

  • Material: thick PET

  • Features: recyclable/healthy/stackable and affordable

  • Temperature range: -32°F—158°F degrees Fahrenheit/-35—70°C degrees Fahrenheit

  • Color: yellow/gray

  • Size: as shown