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Push-type semi-automatic rotating screwdriver

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Push-Pull Ratchet Screwdriver Set 6 in 1 Press Type Semi-automatic Rotating Spiral Screw Driver Bit Multifunctional Tool Kit

  • This product uses a ratchet wheel to connect with the spiral knife bar.
  • When the handle is pressed down, the spiral knife bar will automatically rotate.
  • Each time it is pressed, the bit rotates 1.2 times.
  • According to the adjustment of the switch device, the effect of tightening or loosening the screws can be achieved, which is suitable for various occasions.
  • Adjusting switch: three gears are available for loosening, tightening, and fixing.
  • Wooden handle: comfortable to hold, convenient and practical, screwdriver heads cannot be stored in.
  • Plastic handle: with a storage bin design, it is very convenient for bit storage and access.
  • Material: alloy steel, PP
  • Heat treatment: HRC45-50
  • System: Metric
  • Weight: Type A: 144g (Red), Type B: 124g (Brown)
  • Length: Type A: 29*217mm (wood handle), Type B: 34*220mm (plastic handle);

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