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Portable Phillips screwdriver

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WEEKS Phillips Screwdriver Portable Hand Tools with Bit Set 180 Degree Rotation and Folding Tool

  • Fix the screwdriver bit on the screw, and the handle rotates back and forth continuously without any pause during the period. It can quickly tighten or loosen the screw.
  • The angle between the screwdriver working rod and the handle can be changed from 0 to 90 degrees, which can be used in small spaces. The angle is the most labor-saving at 90 degrees.
  • 10 different types of screwdriver heads, including Phillips, Flathead, Torx security, Tri-point, Spanner, It can be used for most needs in family life.
  • Y Sharp: Y1
  • U Sharp: U4
  • Slotted: 3.0  5.0  6.0
  • Torx with a hole: T8H