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Non-stick oil wood pulp cotton

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Cartoon Compressed Magic Wood Pulp Cotton Non-stick Oil Multifunctional Household Kitchen Rag Towel Roll Dishwashing Sponge


  • A light and convenient piece. I thought it was a cute animal card in my hand, but it was actually wood pulp cotton.
  • Also absorbed moisture.
  • Wood pulp cotton is very special. It shrinks when dehydrated, and it becomes dry and hard. It swells quickly afterwards
  • It becomes soft and elastic after absorbing water. Puffed wood pulp cotton has many honeycomb holes,
  • Easy to foam. Add a little detergent and rub gently, it will produce rich foam, and then it will not stick
  • It's oily. Once washed with water, the oil will be separated, which is very suitable for use. Let's make dishwashing cotton.
  • Wood pulp cotton itself is made of wood fiber, which does not hurt hands or skin. Not only for washing dishes,
  • It can also be used as a bath cotton, which is very comfortable.
  • The fat little oranges, little chaizi, and flying pigs are all patterns designed by us, let you wash Rua at the same time
  • Housework is fun and easy. A lanyard is designed, which can be hung up and stored to dry, which is more intimate.


  • Product category: dish towel
  • Specifications: Xiaochai cat, orange cat and cute pig
  • Function: anti-oil decontamination
  • Material: wood pulp fiber
  • Applicable object: pot/bowl/bath