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New adsorption kitchen shelf

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NEW Adsorption Kitchen shelf Multi-function Storage Holder pot cover/knife plate/dish/chopsticks/seasoning rack Hanger Basket

  • The dish rack can hold 9 dishes, 8 bowls, snap-in design. Set up the drip tray to drain easily. Foldable to save space.
  • Knife plate holder, two rows of large knives, and three rows of small knives.
  • Three-layer/double-layer seasoning rack, practical design, high bottle placed on the upper layer, low bottle placed on the lower layer, easy to access.
  • The chopstick holder is breathable, easy to dry, and has a large capacity, which can easily solve the problem of kitchen storage.
  • The lid cover has a certain arc design, which can place different sizes of lids.
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Black
  • Surface treatment: baking paint
  • Style: pot cover rack +35cm rod, knife plate rack +30cm rod, double layer seasoning rack +35cm rod, three-layer seasoning rack +35cm rod, dish rack +50cm rod, chopsticks rack +30cm rod