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Nail gun with 4 modes

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Ceiling Artifact Integrated Nail Shooting Power Gun Decoration Ceiling Trough Air Conditioning Monitoring Nail Gun with 4 Modes

  • Wide range of applications. Integrated ceiling, tooling ceiling, keel ceiling, plumbing installation, bridge installation, all kinds of fastening construction.
  • Bearing wall. It can reach more than 500KG. It can quickly drive into the substrate without damaging the substrate.
  • The operation is simple and easy to use.
  • Automatic slag discharge, the residue is automatically discharged after each use, which can extend the life of the machine.
  • Power 4 mode adjustment, mode1: can penetrate 8mm steel plate, can hit the concrete with a mark of C30 and above, with great power, mode2: suitable for home improvement ceilings, installation brackets, door, and window monitoring, etc., mode3: can hit soft substrates, with low sound. mode4: Suitable for soft substrates such as large wooden squares, gypsum boards, red brick walls, and so on.
  • Length: 42cm
  • Extension rod length: 5*60cm
  • Nail length: 32-57mm
  • Scope of application: integrated ceiling, tooling ceiling, keel ceiling, waterline pipeline installation, bridge installation, various fastening constructions
  • Function: silencer + 4 modes adjustment + automatic slag discharge