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Multifunctional toilet paper box

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Multifunctional Toilet Tissue Box Toilet Tissue Holder Roll Paper Box Waterproof Rack Free Punch Wall Hanging Bathroom Supplies


1. Smooth extraction without paper jam
2. Brand new semi-automatic clamshell invisible door
3. The crossbar is detachable, flexible, and convenient, suitable for all kinds of tissues
4. Intimate and practical non-slip storage
5. Draw paper, roll paper, general long roll paper, solid paper, hollow paper, draw paper, etc. can be placed

6. The serrated paper outlet is convenient and quick to draw paper
7. Punch-free installation, one stick and one hang, easy installation
8. Strong load-bearing, durable and strong load-bearing
 Installation steps:
1. Wipe the wall clean with a rag
2. Put the non-marking sticker into the paper towel rack
3. Please confirm the installation
4. Tear off the transparent film without a trace
5. Install it in a proper place
6. Install it in a proper place
7. Squeeze the excess air out of the non-marking sticker
8. Squeeze the excess air out of the non-marking sticker
9. Finish installation
Name: Blinds Tissue Box
Material: PP+ABS
Function: Storage of paper towels, garbage bags, etc.
Size: as shown
Color: vibrant orange, simple gray, taro purple, nordic blue