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Mobile phone LED fill light

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Mobile Phone LED Fill Light Beauty Artifact Heart-shaped Mirror Fill Light Mini Night Camera Phone Selfie Light


  • The mobile phone fill light, mini beauty fill light, anchor mobile phone selfie, LED round fill light customization
  • This product is not only a Selfie fill light, but also a lighting lamp, a distress lamp, and an emergency desk lamp
  • Powerful and moderate lamp beads for more professional Selfie soft fill light, (iphone6S/6S plus fill light screen has a weak flash, strong and soft lamp beads can take selfies in darker places at will
  • Make up for the weak flash of the iPhone 7/7S plus fill the light screen)
  • The mid-color control lamp bead design simulates the principle of natural light-sensitive line fill light, making night selfies look more natural, making selfies more outstanding and beautifying.
  • The new clip design has a non-slip mat with a full-contact surface to prevent it from falling off. It can be clipped to any place such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and cameras.
  • Three-level lighting (strong, medium, and weak) is adjustable. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to realize the marquee flash function. Press the power button to adjust the light intensity in various environments to fill light
  • RK14 can make up for the defects of the Selfie function of various old smartphones without front fill light, making the Selfie look more perfect
  • RK14 can also be used as an emergency lamp/emergency flashlight/tablet computer and other light supplement equipment. It has a high-capacity battery and can be used for more than 72 hours of continuous light Selfie shooting.


  • Category: mobile phone Selfie fill light
  • Model: Mini q
  • Applicable models: general
  • Flash type: ordinary flash
  • Type: Camera flash
  • Battery: battery
  • Color: white, pink, blue, black
  • Guide number: 20
  • Exposure control: 20
  • Size: 80*30MM
  • Light source: LED soft light source
  • Lamp power: 3W
  • Battery capacity: 1000MA
  • Current and voltage: DC 1A/5V
  • Product switch: button dimming (press the power button for 2 seconds to achieve the white marquee flash function)
  • Charging type: three-speed dimming, charging for 2 hours can be used for 4-5 hours, this mobile phone is universal, can clip mobile phones, computers, IPAD, suitable for night light supplement, Selfie supplement light, shooting small accessories
  • quantity: 1