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Mite removal instrument

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  • 1.2kg ultra-light feel, flexible and labor-saving operation, more convenient to use.
  • The electric spiral roller brush is equipped with 86 sets of soft brush heads, and the multi-touch high-frequency beating is 72,000 times per minute. The strong vibration reduces the attachment of mites, penetrates into the crevices, and cleans.
  • The advanced DC brushless motor is small and powerful, with a core power speed of 70,000 rpm, which can continuously output high-frequency vibration and surging suction.
  • UVC dynamic sterilization, the sterilization ability is as high as 99.99%, 245 waves of ultraviolet rays penetrate, 0 light leakage, and automatically turn off the irradiation when it is too high or tilted to avoid harm to people.
  • The H10 six-layer filter has good air tightness and avoids secondary air pollution.
  • The built-in three-cell power lithium-ion battery has a maximum battery life of 30 minutes to meet the needs of daily use.
  • Wireless control, no fear of wire entanglement, no power limitation.


  • Net weight: 1213g
  • Size: 255*234*120mm
  • Rated voltage: DC10.8V
  • Rated power: 90W
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Color: Coconut Milk White

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