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Magnetic Digital Timer+1

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Baseus Magnetic Kitchen Timer Countdown Stopwatch Manual Rotation Counter Work Sports Study Alarm Clock LED Digital Cooking Timer


Invisible stent
Three levels of volume adjustable
LED digital display large screen
ABS+aluminum alloy material, high-value appearance
Palm-sized, easy to carry
Quick adjustment: With a stop every 5 seconds
Adjustable range: 00: 00-99: 55
Support counting up and down
① Cooking: better taste with the right timing;
② Sleeping: sleep at ease, don’t worry about being late;
③ Skincare: help you catch the skincare time exactly;
④ Brush teeth: brush for 3-5 minutes each time;
⑤ Exercises of yoga: time control of each set of actions;
⑥ Outdoor sports and work: make work and rest time more efficient.
LED digital display large screen
ABS+aluminum alloy material
1. Countdown setting
Rotate the button to adjust the minutes quickly, rotate to the left to decrease the value, and to the right to increase,
Set the minute value quickly, and fine-tune the second value after an interval of 1 second.
2. Positive timing setting
Short press the red button on the alarm clock, when it displays 00:00, press the switch to start counting.

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