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Large capacity oil-free intelligent electric fryer oven

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Large-capacity oil-free smart electric fryer oven micro-cyclone 360° baking Multifunctional home cooking touch screen air fryer

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  • The air fryer adopts high-speed air circulation technology, which can balance the heating temperature, has strong penetration, and can effectively cook the food inside; the built-in turbine wheel can cook evenly at 360 degrees, and the whirlwind hot air flow can evenly fry the food and lock it quickly Moisture makes food tender and juicy;
  • Electrostatic film technology can absorb solid particles produced during heating, effectively avoiding the precipitation and burning of these particles, which will affect the taste of food;
  • Intimate design: anti-scalding safety net, power failure protection, micro-turn sensor, silent design, compact design, does not occupy space, but everything can be handled. Food grade non-stick coating, healthy and easy to clean
  • Air is the new oil! The healthiest way of frying! The air fryer can remove and capture excess fat due to its unique technology. The result is delicious and healthy fried food, as crispy as fried food!


  • Material: cold-rolled sheet, food-grade non-stick coating, plastic
  • Capacity: 8.5L
  • Control method: touch screen panel
  • Power supply mode: AC
  • Safety function: automatic power off
  • Heating method: heating tube heating 360° cycle
  • Rated voltage: 220 (V)
  • Rated power: 1350 (W)
  • Rated frequency: 50 (HZ)