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Hand-held mite removing machine vacuum cleaner

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Household Small Handheld UV Mites Machine Vacuum Cleaner VC-B302


  • With a vacuum of 12000Pa, with a high-speed rotating roller brush, it can easily clean fallen hair and pet hair.
  • Dehumidification with hot air at 55°C, blowdown obliquely at a 45° angle to keep the bed dry, which can suppress the squeaking of mites, and you can smell the sun.
  • The silent design of the air duct makes the work softer and brings a quiet and comfortable cleaning environment to avoid affecting the family’s daily routine and sleep.
  • With a washable dust cup and filter design, it is not only easy to disassemble, but also more convenient to clean.
  • Cyclone five-stage filtration technology and multi-stage filtration ensure a low loss of filter element, and at the same time, the filtration effect is good, no pollution, and clean air is removed to keep breathing smooth.
  • It can also emit ultraviolet light during work, which can play a deep role in removing mites and preventing diseases and caring for skin health.


  • Power cord length: about 5 meters
  • Rated voltage: 220
  • Rated power: 350
  • Rated frequency: 50
  • Vacuum cleaner function: dry
  • Type of dust storage: dust box/dust bucket
  • Product Category: Vacuum Cleaner