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Drawstring storage bag

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Frosted bear drawstring pocket drawstring storage leggings socks

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  • With the Chestnut underwear bags, both socks will survive the laundry. This garment bag for washing delicates prevents your clothes from all the unjustified violence they encounter in your washing machine and dryer.
  • These lingerie laundry bags for washing machines do not fade, and unlike zippered bags, protect your delicates from snagging
  • Storage durable organize bags are perfect for organizing your belongings while traveling and can be used as toy bags as well.
  • Reusable and multifunctional, zero waste: use for laundry (lingerie, knit, bra, underwear, baby clothes), gym, traveling, grocery shopping & storage, for college students.


  • S: 16*20 (lipstick, hand cream)
  • M: 18*25 (mask, perfume)
  • L: 20*30 (gloves, socks)
  • XL: 30*36 (for shoes)