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cooling spray summer

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220ml Air Freshener Spray Car Rapid Cooling Agent Summer Cool Down for Car/Indoor Automotive Cooling Refrigerant

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  • The coolant is suitable for rapid cooling in a small space (such as a car) exposed to the sun.
  • Keep you away from the heat and feel cool!
  • Quickly reduce the internal temperature of the steering wheel, seat, dashboard, etc. of the car.
  • After strenuous exercise, relieve strain, sprain, and relieve joint pain.
  • Summer military training can quickly cool down in high temperatures, or cool the body in outdoor sports.
  • The bottle body is small and the nozzle can be hidden for easy carrying.
  • It can be used not only for rapid cooling in the car but also for family travel.
  • The effective cooling factor is abundant. When spraying, the coolant will evaporate quickly, so it can absorb the heat from the air and the surface of the object, so as to achieve the effect of rapid cooling.


  • Capacity: 220ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Material: liquid