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Clean smoke sand

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Indoor sand smoke remover, smoke odor removal artifact, ashtray, clean air purifier, 5 grams per pack, 30 pieces.

  • Non-toxic advantages: The smoke exhaust device is a non-toxic, non-irritating, non-polluting polymer material.
  • Easy to clean: The equipment is easy to clean, leaving no smoke or dust. When cleaning, you can directly pour the colloids and cigarettes into the trash can.
  • Water absorbing agent: The appliance can be mixed with water to form a colloidal substance, which can quickly remove smoke, absorb carbon dioxide, purify the air, and can absorb oil fume. Easy to clean, no residue.
  • Anti-pollution: When the ash is put into the sheet-shaped cleaning device, the ash is stuck due to its viscosity, and the ash will not fly around, causing secondary air pollution.
  • Deodorization: The smoke removal device can quickly extinguish cigarettes, absorb oil fume, purify peculiar smells, and prevent smoke from harming the human body due to allergies or breathing problems.
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