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Children's toilet paper launcher

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Children's toilet paper gun roll, wet tissue, toilet paper gun, shooting pistol toy


  • Turn lazy activities into full-scale toilet paper attacks, and arm yourself with a sliding lens. This irreverent rifle shoots out 30 feet of sticky toilet paper!
  • Put two layers of rolls on a spool inspired by a tap, fill the water tank with water to moisten your missile without saliva, and turn the magazine to send a piece of paper into the chamber. The sliding motion pressurizes the paper and pulls the trigger to make your perfect spider ball fly.
  • Use fresh bath towels and a reservoir (no real saliva) to make a clean ice puck. I will buy a regular American TP from the store.
  • Use the normal TP you bought in the store
  • Using only mechanical power and tap water, a few crank and trigger pulls can ignite up to 30 feet of toilet tissue surface! Each action of the rifle will automatically load more TP for your next shot, so you can easily clean up the game.


  • Weight: about 860g
  • Packing: Box