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Car sun visor

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2 in1 Car Sun Visor Anti Sunlight Dazzling Glass Goggle Day Night Vision Interior Driving Mirror UV Fold Flip Down Clear View

  • Daytime Sun Visor: The high-definition sun visor can be used during the day and night, with yellow lenses at night and gray lenses during the day. It is easy to replace. Flip-up and down to select the desired sun visor.
  • Night Sun Visor: The yellow side of the anti-glare sun visor is suitable for use at night. Reduce tall beams when driving at night. More convenient and more secure.
  • Eye Protection And Safety: This can effectively reduce strong glare, protect your eyes and provide additional safety.
  • Sun Visor Extension: If you use it as a sun visor extension, you can avoid glare and keep your vision clear. It is especially useful in the winter sun when the existing sun visors are insufficient.
  • Easy to Install: Retractable and adjustable bayonet, you can install it on the front CD of the vehicle.
  • Name: Integral Dual-use Car Sun Visor
  • Weight: about 384g
  • Packing: color box
  • Size: about 110 mm (height)*320 (width)*2 mm (thickness)/4.33*12.60*0.08in
  • Range: all CD board widths between (about) 115mm-190mm/4.53-7.48in
  • Material: body PP, accessories TPR+lens