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Beautiful dynamic polka dot laundry bag

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Beautiful Dynamic Polka Dots Laundry Bag For Bra Clothes Sheet Washing Machine Necessities Zipper Net Bags With Wide Common Size

  • Mesh: Mesh density, multi-layer mesh material, reduce the water pulling force
  • Zipper: Zinc alloy zipper, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, hide zipper to avoid hooks to clothing
  • Bra: 3D bra bag, mesh bracket at upper and lower ends, not easy to deform, easy to wash underwear
  • Hanging: Can be hung design, it is easy to hang, dry storage
  • Embroidery: Exquisite embroidery, corresponding to each size of the laundry bag for each type for clothes, clear to know
  • Material: Polyester, alloy
  • Color: Beige, white
  • Size(L x W): About 50 x 60cm/19.7 x 23.6inch(XL), 40 x 50cm/15.7 x 19.7inch(L), 30 x 40cm/11.8 x 15.7inch(M), 18 x 20cm/7 x 7.9inch(S), 18 x 19cm/7 x 7.5inch(bra), 20 x 30cm/7.9 x 11.8inch(cylinder bag)