About us

Hi there, my name is Arlene Miller, the co-founder of MeoWarrior and WarrioRescue. The former one is an artwork dealer company aiming to provide all artists great support to create a better world for all creatures, while the latter one is a small nonprofit rescue organization based in New York.
We're a global team of team members and kind volunteers from all over the world from young U.S. college students to old Hong Kong ladies. We cooperate with many talented local artists to create great artwork advocating amazing relationships between human beings and animals, especially pets around us. As for the rescue organization, we have a stable fundraising channel supporting rescues in different locations around the world even though we're still a small one.
We truly believe art can play a significant role in founding a better world for all creatures. Let's see what amazing sparks we can create together!
Feel free to contact us at hi@meowarrior.com if you have any questions or problems needed to address.
Arlene Miller