What to consider when buying a car vacuum cleaner?

What to consider when buying a car vacuum cleaner?

5 things to know before you buy a car vacuum

1. Do you need a wet/dry car vacuum cleaner, or just a dry one? A wet/dry vacuum allows you to pick up both wet mess spills and dry messes, but most vacuums are only approved for the latter.

2. Does your parking setup allow you to use a vacuum cleaner with a power cord, or do you need a portable cordless vac? Cordless vacuums may be more convenient, but they also require charging.

3. Weight -- even small differences in weight add up after long cleaning sessions battling dirt and debris.

4. Do you have a pet that rides in your car? If so, they likely leave dander and dog hair, making them a major source of car mess. The HoLife corded vacuum cleaner and the Black and Decker 2000 series cordless are regularly ranked among the best vacuums for picking up pet hair.

5. Suction -- the more suction power a vacuum has, the more effectively it cleans, especially on carpeted surfaces. The Dyson V11 has the highest suction of any cleaner on the list, which is especially impressive given that it's a cordless handheld vac.

Make sure to answer all these questions before you buy anything, so you can then select which car vacuum cleaner is the best for your specific needs.

Following are the best car vacuums for cleaning dirt, mud, pet hair and other messes from your vehicle.

The inside of your car should be kept clean -- even if you're the only person who sees it. The buildup of debris can irritate allergies and other conditions and dust, dander, dirt and crumbs can make your car feel less cozy.

Several vacuum cleaners are designed specifically for smaller spaces, making it easy to clean and preserve your vehicle's interior as a spotless sanctuary. They're more maneuverable than regular household vacuums and most shop vacs, and many are lightweight and cordless. These vacuums are meant to get into tight spaces and suck crumbs out of even the smallest crevice. Some even have a dusting brush, a motorized brush or an upholstery tool to clean up messes that could stain your seats. Others have a cleaning hose, crevice tool or extension hose to get to hard-to-reach spaces. However, they're specifically for your car interior, as most are too small or not powerful enough to clean a house (the Dyson V11 excluded).

Even if they don't have the powerful suction needed to clean your living room carpet, car vacuums definitely come in handy. The only difficult part is finding which cleaner is right for you. Should you get a wet/dry vacuum cleaner? A cordless battery model? A handheld vac?

We've compiled a list of the best car vacuum options that cut across categories, making it a virtual lock that you'll find something that works for you. Based on their customer satisfaction ratings, here are eight of the best car vacuums on the market.

Best value car vacuum:TIKA V1 Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Best overall car vacuum:Mophyauk Portable Handheld Car VACUUM Cleaner